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Marine Cargo Insurance

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Freight Insurance & Marine Cargo Insurance

What is Freight Insurance / Cargo Insurance?
This type of insurance is quite specialised and usually involves the use of many differing types of transport i.e. sea, air, canal, rail and road.

So what is Cargo?
Everything we see about us, from raw materials to finished products, foodstuff, chemicals, minerals, steel, rubber, furniture, clothing, building materials, medical supplies and much more has been or will be a cargo at some stage of it’s existence.

Is there a difference between Cargo & Freight Insurance?
* Cargo insurance is more for ‘own goods’ and is directed towards companies like manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers etc.

* Freight insurance is more for the couriers, hauliers and freight forwarders that transport a third party’s goods. If you are looking for freight liability cover, please go to our goods in transit insurance page.

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