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What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Please quote this reference number when calling for a quote

Goods in Transit Insurance covers goods against loss or damage while in your vehicle or when sent by a third party carrier. The sum insured may be a limit for each package, each vehicle or any one consignment.

Hazardous Goods
We understand that carrier work can be varied so we can accommodate hazardous goods cover on your policy. Usually, as long you have the relevant training, cerification such as ADR training
On our quote form please click ‘Yes’ for this item and we will take some details from you to see that you are correctly insured.

Our goods in transit insurance cover is ALL RISKS COVER:

* Theft – whilst in transit
* Loss – whilst in transit
* Damage – caused by accidents during transit
* Damage – caused during transit

As well as ALL RISKS COVER our polices can also cover UK RHA Conditions as well as UK & European CMR Conditions.

We can also provide insurance for furniture removers and insurance house removals.

* UK to UK house moves * UK to Europe removals


Make sure that you are fully covered as you may not get the full 100% all risks cover you require.

As a courier you are sometimes unaware of what you delivering until you pick up the parcel or package.

If these items are what some insurance companies class as “target goods” i.e. iPods, computer parts, electronic equipment then you may only be covered for 50% if you make a claim.

So if your policy is covering you for £10,000, they will only pay up to 50% or £5,000 leaving you to make up the shortfall.

For more information please check out our Things to Watch Out For page.


Please Note: If you are searching for goods in transit insurance on the web, some companies may offer very cheap rates – but not the cover to go with it.