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Things to Watch Out For

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We have detailed below some of the common misconceptions, errors and misunderstandings that can occur within courier, haulage and furniture removals


Tonnage rates based on weight – CHEAP POLICIES WITH NO RISK:
Some cheap goods in transit policies may state a £10,000 limit but will actually have cover based on “£15 per kilo” or “£30 per tonne”. Be wary of these ‘weight’ rated policies as your cover is negligible.

Example of Weight Based Policies – 4.5 kilo package valued at £10,000
(for example: a television or computer)

Cheap GiT company using ‘weight’ rates at £15 per kilo
Payout before excess – £67.50 (4.5 * £15)
Shortfall YOU could be liable fo – £9,932.50

OUR Goods in Transit Direct Cover
Payout before excess – £10,000
Shortfall YOU could be liable for – £0!


All risks cover:
– make sure that the cover you have is ALL risks i.e. theft, loss, breakages and damages.

Theft attractive items:
Very important if you are a general courier who could carry anything. Such items are mobiles, iPods, computer parts, etc.

– Be assured our goods in transit cover is ALL RISKS and includes THEFT ATTACTIVE ITEMS.


Correct Useage:
When obtaining quotes for your commercial vehicle insurance make sure that you have the correct useage. Your policy will need to state courier useage, hire and reward and/or haulage.

Just because you have a van doesn’t mean you need basic van insurance. Without the correct useage on the policy, you will not be insured correctly and any claim may be classed as void.

The police now pull over van drivers to check that they are insured correctly under the useage. If you are a courier and don’t have the correct useage cover, you may end up with an IN10 (i.e. driving without the correct insurance) PLUS six points on your licence PLUS a fine.


For more information please check out our Advice on van insurance page