Marine Cargo Insurance?

Our cargo insurance provides protection against loss or damage to freight from any external cause during shipping and transportation, regardless of it being by land, sea or air.

As a business involved in importing, exporting or UK sending of goods, it is recommended that you have the correct Cargo Insurance in place. This Insurance gives you full cover for your goods in the event of a loss, whether transported by road, sea, air or rail, and we are here to highlight the top five reasons to make sure this cover is in place.

With Insurer expertise in-house, we can work with you to understand your business and tailor the policy to suit your needs. Whether you ship CIF, FOB or Ex. Works, and whether you send by land, sea or air, we can get your cover set up swiftly.

Cargo Insurance gives you full All Risks cover for the goods, as opposed to relying on a carrier's insurance which may be for a restricted financial liability (e.g. RHA �1,300 per tonne) and only covers the Carriers legal liability, i.e. damage that they are liable for and not acts of God.

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What is covered

Full value coverage for annual or single imports, exports and domestic movements
Full value storage cover where required
All modes of transport including road, rail, air whether third party or your own company vehicles
Access to your specialist Account Handler for any queries or policy alterations
Exhibition risks &/or tools and samples can be included where required

Why choose us?

  • Extremely competitive pricing for policies
  • Knowledge of Institute Cargo Clauses leading to an informed quotation highlighting policy limitations and exclusion
  • Access to your specialist Account Handler for any queries or policy alterations
  • Swift knowledge and assistance in the unfortunate event that anything goes wrong

What is Cargo?

Everything we see about us, from raw materials to finished products, foodstuff, chemicals, minerals, steel, rubber, furniture, clothing, building materials, medical supplies and much more has been or will be a cargo at some stage of its existence.

Case Studies

A few examples taken from real incidents in recent years are as follows;

  1. Fire On board Destroys Cargo A large clothing company shipped a container to Italy. Fire broke out on deck and spread, destroying the cargo and vessel. The Insured claims a total $1,300,000 for the loss which was paid in full by the Cargo Insurers. Losses are being recovered against the vessel owners.
  2. Illegal Immigrants Contaminate Load Fifteen illegal immigrants were discovered covered in cocoa powder� in the back of a lorry as it arrived at the Insured's factory. The cargo was rejected due to contamination and the claim settled at �35,000. Recovery was received from the carrier, reducing the loss to �15,000.


Cargo Insurance pays out claims swiftly, where Freight policies can often take a long time to establish, allowing your business to continue to operate. By having insurance in place, your Insurers will also help in the event of a loss with advice, legal expenses etc.

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